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Turning the semester around: It’s never too late

Lalaina Wood
Nursing major Paige Brooks preparing for midterms in Watson Library.

If you have walked outside of your dorm recently, you may have noticed a slightly warm, or even hot, breeze flowing through. According to Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog predicted last month that an early Spring would come, and I believe it is here.

With Spring break coming up soon, many students may be excited for some time to relax, and not think about school. Those same students may be stressing about it already being time for midterm exams, projects and loads of homework. Professors can often wait to assign the big exams and homework till right before spring break, without realizing that every student usually has six other professors doing the same thing, leaving the student buried in a pile of work to do.

But who has time to fret? Not a college student. So, get up, wipe off the tears, and let’s get back on track to being the best student you can be!

The first step is to go on Moodle (scary, I know) and look for any missing assignments or exams that you have the chance to complete for partial points. Sometimes professors do not grade on time, so you might have a few extra days to finish up anything that is missing. Anything is better than a 0!

Take a deep look at your classes and figure out which ones will need more attention than others. Figure out what makes that class more difficult and focus on that issue.

The next step is to look at the calendar on Moodle to see what is coming up. I suggest using a planner, or something to write down what important exams are coming up. Seeing the dates written down may help you recognize what needs your attention and energy, and when you will have to take time to study.

By this time in the semester, you know what time your class starts, so there is no excuse to be late. You can only get so many absences in a semester, and professors are more likely to give you leniency if they see you showing up to class on time and trying hard.

A good tip I can give is to talk to other students in the classes you are struggling in. Chances are they are struggling too. Working together can increase your chances of improvement and make you friends at the same time. You never know when you might take a class again with them, so always try to build your support network.

On the same note, do not be afraid to reach out to the professor for help. If you are really struggling, it might be better to go in person to their office hours and spend time explaining your issue to them. Professors know what is going to be on the exams, and most of them are very happy to have a student come to their office when they need help. Print out and bring your old exams and ask them where you went wrong on the questions you missed. Office hours are a resource for students to use, so never be afraid to go.

Set aside time to study. I know it is fun to hang out with your friends after class, especially if they are going to graduate this semester, but your education must come first. Reward yourself for studying by planning time to go out. Even if you do not have classes with your friends, studying together can still be efficient. A good way to memorize information is to teach it to someone, so teach your friend or roommate what you learned in class, and it might stick better in your brain.

Besides schoolwork, it is very important to take care of your physical and mental health. Find some time to go to the Wellness, Recreation, and Activity Center (WRAC). It is even more fun to go with friends. You can even go for a run by the lake if you want to spend time outside. Make sure you get a substantial amount of sleep at night.

You cannot focus nn class if your brain cannot physically work. Get things you need to do out of the way as early in the day as you can, so that you do not feel overwhelmed at night trying to finish everything.

Do your best to finish the semester strong. In the future, you will look back and be proud of how hard you worked. You have the power to achieve your goals and get the grades you want; you just must find it!

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Destin Lopez
Destin Lopez, Current Sauce - Viewpoints Editor
Destin Lopez is a senior communication major, with a minor in pre-law and paralegal studies at NSU. She is currently the 2023 Viewpoints editor of the Current Sauce. She has had a love for writing and design since highschool, where she spent two years as the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. Destin is excited to share her stories to NSU and Natchitoches, and is hoping to leave a mark with her writing.
Lalaina Wood
Lalaina Wood, Current Sauce - Photographer

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