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Kyser Hall west elevator to be operating within three weeks

Kallie Bourgeois
NSU’s John S. Kyser Hall west elevator is still undergoing construction since the fall semester of 2023.

Following updates from the Fall 2023 semester, Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s John S. Kyser Hall west elevator still remains under replacement construction. From the lack of communication to unfulfilled expectations, students at NSU share their concern with the prolonged elevator repairs and upgrades.

Clairie Parent, freshman vocal performance major, raised concerns regarding the lack of functioning elevators in Kyser Hall.

“I have a communication class on the fourth floor, I think I’ll be needing a knee replacement by the end of the semester,” Parent said. “The already working elevator takes forever, so I might as well take the stairs.”

Like Parent, Caroline Wooley, freshman nursing major, shared how the Kyser Hall elevator issues have affected her time at NSU.

“The elevator honestly hasn’t affected me tremendously, I try to stay active in general in the gym and walk around campus,” Wooley said.

Wooley explained that updates should have been communicated to students more clearly.

“I think the school communicates when there are dysfunctions or cancellations of various things, but I don’t think they are timely about it,” Wooley said. “It’s mentioned at the last minute or don’t put a sign up about something until too late.”

She addressed the lack of action at NSU.

“With all the surveys that are being released, they need to take action on their feedback rather than trying to make it look like they’re being productive,” Wooley said.

Alex Stapp, freshman psychology major, shared their concern for students and faculty in need.

“The elevators around campus need to be fixed, because the amount of elderly professors and students with disabilities that actually need it is a concern,” Stabb said.

Christian White, sophomore criminal justice major, shared his experience as a student who heavily relies on the need of functioning elevators due to his disability.

“The elevators come in clutch some days,” White said. “There are those days when you don’t feel like taking the stairs and the elevator is very helpful.”

Even though White feels the elevators are properly accommodated for disabled students, he still shares some concerns for his safety.

“The only concerning problem is that sometimes it keeps breaking down,” White said. “But that being said, I still feel like they are properly accommodating for disabled students.”

Though plans from the Fall 2023 semester were set for the Kyser Hall elevators to be replaced, only the east side elevator is currently in operation.

Dale Wohletz, physical plant director, explained the delays have been extended due to issues with part shipments.

“It was a matter of waiting for certain parts to come in, but sometimes we would be short two or three parts whenever the shipment would arrive,” Wohletz said.

Wohletz also addresses that a new team is responsible for the construction this semester.

“We now have a different group of men working on the west elevator, who are currently working on other repairs at the same time, unlike last time when we had one group working solely on the upgrades for the east elevator,” Wohletz said.

After previously addressing the long process to find available funds, the new Kyser Hall elevators and other projects including the elevators of Eugene P. Watson Memorial Library are now jointly funded by NSU and the state of Louisiana.

“NSU paid for the east elevator in Kyser,” Wohletz said. “The west elevator, the Shreveport building B, and the three at Watson Library are being funded by the State with funds coming from the Division of Administration, Facility Planning and Control.”

Wohletz also addressed that an elevator was down in building B of the NSU Shreveport campus and is currently in full operation. However, the three elevators of Watson of NSU’s main campus will be finalized before the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester.

“At the latest, the three in Watson Library will be upgraded before the beginning of the fall semester in August,” Wohletz said. “We will start those repairs after the east elevator in Kyser is in full operation.”

After successfully receiving funding, all parts needed and an all-new repair crew, Wohletz believes the Kyser Hall west elevator should be in operation within the next three weeks.

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Kallie Bourgeois, Current Sauce - Reporter
Kallie Bourgeois is a freshman communication major, with a minor in sociology at NSU. This is her second semester as a reporter for The Current Sauce. She has had a love for storytelling since high school, where she spent a year as her school’s Editor for their newspaper. Kallie looks forward to continuing her passion for journalism by delivering stories of exciting events happening on campus and in the Natchitoches area.  

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