Nightlife safety in Natchitoches

A trend is clearly arising in bars and clubs to improve women’s safety. Across the internet, photos of new signs in the bathrooms of bars are uploaded every day.

The signs have instructions for women who feel unsafe during a night out; they are told to go to the bartender and order an “angel shot.” Ordering an angel shot allows women to seek help from bartenders without alerting their dates.

The new trend can be ordered three different ways; each way signals something different to the bartender.

Ordering a “neat angel” shot means that the woman wants to be escorted to her vehicle, a shot with ice means she wishes for a car service to be called and a shot with lime tells the bartender to call the police.

While Natchitoches bars have not joined the angel shot trend, some already have procedures for handling danger.

“I’ve never had to call the police on a customer,” Pioneer Pub employee Joan Willis said. “I escort troublemakers outside and tell them not to come back, and that’s always worked here.”

The situation is almost identical at Mama’s Oyster House. Bartender Haley Crow said that they have never had to resolve any problems between customers.

Antoon’s bartender Kendall Perot has heard of this new safety mechanism but said that they are not currently using the angel shot system themselves.

“I read about it last week,” Perot said. “I’ve already gotten in touch with our owner about doing something like this.”

As of right now, Antoon’s has policemen posted at the bar and Perot watches for any conflicts among patrons herself. She hopes to implement a system similar to the angel shot trend in Antoon’s soon.