Physics teacher resigns mid-year

Contributing Reporter

Dr. Chris McMullen resigned from his position as a professor in the science department in the fall semester. As a result, Mrs. McMullen and other faculty have taken over his physics classes and labs.

After news of Dr. McMullen’s departure, the department set out to find a replacement. One applicant was offered the position but did not take the job.

When the news came that a new professor was not hired yet, the science department decided to use NSU’s already present faculty to fill Dr. McMullen’s vacancy.

“[Reema McMullen] was able to take over [Dr. McMullen’s] vacant Physics 2040 course,” Dr. Francene J. Lemoine, Director of the school of Biological and Physical Sciences said. “She is teaching one overload course for that, as well as the [Physics 2520] calculus course.”

Lemoine said that McMullen will receive compensation for the calculus course. Dr. Mike Antoon is also taking one of Dr. McMullen’s courses.

At first, 11 students enrolled in a physics lab that no teacher could cover, but Lemoine said that the issue is solved. The students were divided into different labs and courses so the new semester could begin without a glitch.