The Poet Speaks

I won’t treat you like the rest

Contributing Author

I won’t treat you like the rest
I’ll only give you the best
Your name is written in my chest
My heart is where it rest.

I know you going through a trial
Been tested for quite a while
But my goal is to make you smile
And laugh too that’s my style
I’ll try to give you the world
Cause you my baby girl
And you make my heart swirl
Turn twist and whirl

You and me we make a team
Our presence it’s like we feen
Like forever it seems
Like we are a dream

The eyes to your soul
Makes me lose control
My arms I unfold
To give you me whole.


I wasn’t expecting you to look at me

Contributing Author

I wasn’t expecting you to look at me

I wasn’t expecting you to talk to me
I wasn’t expecting you to befriend me
But, I was expecting to love you
What do I know about love?
I know his name
I know it sounds like yours
Granted I don’t know its touch
But, I know its feel
And I know it’s real
Love is to be respected and nurtured
Love is to be given chance after chance until it is exhausted
And if it’s love it will never grow tired
That’s why I wait for you
Day in and day out
Through the summer, past autumn to winter
I wait for my snowflake to fall
See before I was much too green
And love was ambiguous
Then I was red and love wouldn’t hide
Now I’m read-y
To catch you if you should happen to fall.