Early bird gets the workout

Contributing Reporter

Among the many services offered by the Wellness, Recreation & Activity Center are intense workout boot camps. People of all ages, sizes and physical capability are drawn to these 5:30 a.m. workouts that feature a slew of different types of exercises, such as aerobic exercise and weight lifting.

What motivates regular people to rise at dawn for a workout?

Olga Bazhanova, Assistant Director for Wellness, Recreation and Fitness Assessment, said that the early morning schedule is the reason people come.

“What I’ve found from talking to people is the time,” Bazhanova said. “Not many people have time during the day, and they’re busy [with] jobs, classes, work and different activities. They would like to exercise before the day starts.”

The attendance remains steady throughout the weeks, and some people have been coming for over five years without missing any of the boot camps, Bazhanova said. For the past few years, two to three personal trainers have instructed the camp, but as the attendance rises, so does the staff.

The camp consists of 15 one hour-long sessions over the course of five weeks that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Bazhanova said that the trainers cater to the needs of everyone.

“We work with different ages and body weights and female/males,” the trainer said. “So this program adjusts to particular individuals in the group, so if someone is struggling, we have extra things to do so you will not be left out.”

The boot camp costs $35 for students, $50 for patrons and $95 for non-members. It includes a five-week membership as well. As the services offered at 5:30 a.m. are not appealing to some students, other programs are offered by the WRAC for free that are equally as stimulating.