The Poet Speaks

Not the One

Contributing Author

Surrounded by hundreds

Yet the only thing you see is what made you the way you are

All you see is him, the things he did

All you hear, the lies that spilled from his mouth

Then everything stops. Silence arises. He appears

He starts running towards you with open arms

You think everything is how it should be…

Then he runs past you

You start to look around, but you see nothing but darkness

You drop to your knees, realizing…

Even with no one around, you still aren’t the one that he wants

Even with NO other options he still won’t choose you

My friends would tell me that he’s stupid and he doesn’t realize what he’s lost

But maybe, just maybe, he realized what he found and knew he didn’t want to keep it

He took everything he wanted

And me?

He left me with what I needed

Needing… him

I needed his lies

I needed those long nights waiting on him to text back

I needed…

That feeling…

No, not sexual healing

But that feeling of feeling full


Of feeling

Feeling feelings of feeling full, ya know?