The Poet Speaks

Dear College

Contributing Author

Dear College,

Why are you so expensive?
I came to you needing so much
Yet all you did was take away from me

Why do you make me so hungry?
I eat, and eat, and eat and spend all my damn money

Just to still be hungry at the end of the day

Why do you make me so tired?
I sleep all day
I sleep all night
I even sleep in some of these classes
I’m PAY-ING for
Yet, I. Am. Still. Tired

Why do you test my temper?
These professors asking for some extra
assignments when I already have five quizzes due the next day
These slow-ass elevators when I have
FIVE minutes to get to the FOURTH floor
Or these professors going past their
50 or 75 minute cut-off and be
surprised if I just walk out

Why do you make me realize so much?
That I lost friends when I got here
Or I realized that they weren’t my friends in the first place
That really all I got is me…

That nobody is gonna do this shit for me..
That the only person that’s gonna stop me
from getting this degree, is me.