Police remove traffic stops from daily crime log



Recently, the NSU Police Department stopped including traffic stops in the police blotter that The Current Sauce runs in each issue.

The police department decided to remove traffic stops from the blotter to get information to The Current Sauce in a more timely manner, and they believe that this new system makes it easier to get important information about incidents on campus to students more quickly.

“We changed the way that information gets disseminated to the public,” Chief Jon Caliste said. “Traffic stops bogged down the process, so we removed them from the police blotter because they are not required under the Clery Act.”

The Clery Act is a law that must be followed by all universities that receive federal funding. This act aims to create transparency around crime policies and statistics on campuses.

“Traffic stop reports are not what students want to see,” Caliste said. “We cut them out because they’re not required, which helps us to streamline the process.”

“Removing traffic stops from the blotter helped us to cut down on paperwork,” Detective John Greely said. “We figured that students would want to see what actually takes place on campus.”

The NSU police department also feels that removing traffic stops from the blotter allows them to give students a more accurate picture of what the department handles everyday.

“Everyone knows that police departments do traffic stops,” Caliste said. “We wanted to show the public everything that this particular department deals with on a day-to-day basis. From now on, we will put incidents in the blotter that show what this department is really doing.”