SGA Minutes | Cabinet gives updates on presidential search, New Orleans conference, Organizational Relief Fund


SGA President John Pearce will travel to Baton Rouge this Wednesday for the Presidential Search meeting.

Vice President Tre Nelson reported on the American Student Government Association Conference in New Orleans this past weekend. He said they will likely continue going to the New Orleans conference instead of the Texas A&M ASGA Conference due to the regional difference.

Treasurer Aly Jacobs said that the Organizational Relief Fund met and approved a lot of funding; it will be updated online soon.

A bill is in the works for changing the SGA Senate; these will be “possible changes for the better,” Pearce said.

Commissioner of Student Affairs Antavious Roberson led a discussion about the Student Concerns Facebook page. One of the main concerns was with Wi-Fi on campus, especially in Columns.

One senator commented that the Wi-Fi randomly goes out, and this does not just affect downtime like watching Netflix, but schoolwork as well. After attempting to speak to the Housing department to resolve the issue, she said, “I feel like when we post on the concerns page they don’t care or take us seriously…”

Vice President Tre Nelson commented on the issues with Housing, stating, “It’s not an RA issue. It’s more or less an administrative issue… [and] SGA can look into it.”

The conversation also discussed the outdated furniture in Columns compared to the furniture in University Place I and II. “Housing is definitely an area we can target,” Nelson said.

Pearce ended the discussion, stating that he will email Acting President Dr. Chris Maggio about the issues with Housing.

SAB will host N-Side View on March 4 and their Don’t Stress the Test event on March 9.