‘Bukrewe’: Students make BUKU a tradition


BUKU Music + Art Project returns to New Orleans on March 10 and 11, as will a few NSU students who have almost made the festival a tradition.

This is the festival’s sixth year, and like past years, it is staged along the Mississippi Riverfront.

Students Loren Ryland and Tommy Remson will attend BUKU for the third year in a row and both are a part of a large group of friends and classmates that attend music festivals, including BUKU.

“We all run into each other one way or another,” Remson said. “At BUKU, they would call it ‘Bukrewe.’”

Ryland said that the NSU students in attendance has grown every year and that, although a large group attend VOODOO, BUKU is a place for the those more into the rave scene.

“It’s unlike any other festival I’ve ever been to,” Ryland said.

“The producers of BUKU have been able to perfectly capture the vibration of New Orleans into a two-day fest. The eclectic blend of artists (predominantly EDM and rap) is just perfect for the venue which is located at this badass plant.”

Headliners for the event include deadmau5, Travis Scott, Zeds Dead, Young Thug, Zhu, Tycho and Jauz.

Remson said that BUKU was the first music festival he ever attended.

“Before BUKU, I thought I had known everything about music,” he said.

This year, Remson is most excited to see Grizmatik and Lil Dicky perform, and Ryland said she is excited for Zeds Dead, Alina Baraz (who she said has “the voice of an angel”), and Grizmatik as well.

Unlike many other music festivals, BUKU also combines an art event with the festival and offers NOLA-style food as one of its cuisine options. Remson recommends the gyros.

The BUKU Art Project features art installations and exhibits, many of them interactive. One of the signature pieces is the live graffiti wall, which Ryland said is “one of the coolest art shows [she’s] ever seen.”

According to a mission statement on their site, BUKU’s new additions “seek to bring avant-garde art with a heavy industrial focus, creating a functional and interactive playground for everyone to participate…”

“Everyone is just there to have a really good time and honestly go as hard as they can,” Ryland said.