Shuttle operates during peak hours


One of the many hidden uses for student fees is the on-campus shuttle bus service, driven by Mr. David Chevalier. The shuttle can bring students anywhere they need on campus and has wheelchair access.

Junior Xandria Petty used to ride the shuttle two to three times a week and always had a positive experience with the service.

“The shuttle bus driver, Mr. David, is very soft-spoken, but he’s very nice,” Petty said. “Most days, he arrives on time, but on rainy days it takes him a while.”

“Either way, if you’re late, disabled, or just don’t feel like walking, the shuttle bus is very helpful.” Petty said.

Students who live at Frog Pond cannot get a ride all the way to their apartment. Due to insurance issues, the shuttle can only drop students off as far as the Tarlton gate.

Catherine Faucheaux, Director of Disability Support, works with campus police to provide the shuttle service to those that need it most.

“At the beginning of the semester, we give all approved ODS [Office of Disability Service] students the number to the van driver,” Faucheaux said. “While all students are entitled to use the shuttle, priority always goes to the disabled student.”

The shuttle runs Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with no runs on Friday or on the weekends. Mr. Chevalier can be reached at 318-471-4184 to schedule a pick-up. After 2:30 p.m., students can call the police for a free ride at 318-357-5431.