What does love mean to millennials?

As an almost 20-year-old college student, the largest problem that I struggle with – besides stress – is loneliness.

Dating is such a fickle thing at this point in our lives. We are all busy with school, work, trying to remain sane, trying to hold a job; an entire list of things can be written about how busy a college student is. However, finding someone to spend your life with seems to be at the bottom of the priority list for most of our generation.

Millennials seem to only want one thing: a quick screw. Apps like Tinder and Grindr help people find the closest person to them who all want the same thing. Now, not everyone uses these apps for that purpose. People on Tinder are usually more interested in taking you out on a nice date, while people on Grindr often just want to see what your bedroom looks like, then never call you again.

What has happened? It used to be that when someone was interested in you, they took you out on a date, took the time to get to know you and then tried to sleep with you. Everyone now wants to skip all that and head straight to pound town.

Sophomore early education major Emily Salter thinks love means the small things in life and that it is not just about sex.

“Loving someone means putting them before yourself,” Salter said. “It’s easier to be there for the good, but being there for when things get bad is what really matters.”

Salter’s boyfriend once left a note on her front door while she was not home. All the note said was, “I wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and I love you.” That little note meant the world to her and, a year later, she still looks at that note.

A source who wished to remain anonymous had strong opinions on what love meant as a millennial.

The individual said that love is just a biological reaction, and it really means nothing. Every animal has a chemical reaction that urges them to breed, and that is all this

person thinks of love: a chemical reaction.

Leaving notes, buying flowers or just sending someone a meaningful text is not a chemical reaction; it is called love. We are not hardwired to do those things, but even the smallest thing could mean

the most to someone.

I’m one of those people who wants to find the person that they will spend their life with. I want the dates, the flowers, the whole nine yards; however, that is extremely hard to find. Like I have said, not every person in our generation is like this, but finding someone who has the same ideology as me has been quite a feat.