SGA Minutes | Board to select new Student Media coordinator


SGA President John Pearce reported that there will be a Student Media Board meeting this Wednesday to determine the new Student Media Coordinator. The Board consists of himself and several other administrators who will deliberate on the candidates and make a final decision.

On Friday, April 7 at 2 p.m., there will be an unveiling ceremony of the Dante Alighieri bust in honor of Dr. Jim Henderson on the bridge of the Student Union.

Graduating seniors who have served on SGA in any position for a year are eligible to receive a medallion to wear at graduation. The form to fill out is available on OrgSync.

Student body elections for SGA and SAB will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday for positions as well as approval of SB.SP.17-02, the bill that reduces the number of SGA senators from 36 to 25. Proposed homecoming themes will also be included on the ballot so that SAB will receive student input.

Academic Affairs reported that Blue Books will no longer be provided to Watson Library by SGA. Senator Tyler Wright said that they are technically not Scantrons; they cost much more than Scantrons do, and not many students use them. SGA will continue to provide all other Scantrons and have them restocked for the rest of the year.

Fiscal Affairs stated that the new grant service approved under SB.SP.17-01 is now open and available online. Organizations can apply for up to $5,000. The purpose, as stated on the form available on OrgSync, is to provide financial aid for “educational programs, service projects and campus involvement projects.”

Nominations were made for the next Speaker of the Senate; four SGA senators were nominated and voting will take place next Monday. The duties of the Speaker include running meetings, helping the president and the vice president, keeping documents up to date, keeping the office organized and creating meeting agendas.

Pearce reported again on the menstrual product idea he introduced at the last meeting. Both tampons and pads have been ordered; one-third of the order will be given to SGA to distribute, one-third to Health Services and the last third will be donated to the Food Pantry.