Trump’s got some explaining to do


By: Wikimedia Commons

Opinion Columnist

Donald Trump: “No child of God should ever suffer such horror.”

According to Time Magazine, disturbing images and harmful chemical attacks were what prompted President Donald Trump to send a message from the U.S. to President Assad of Syria. The day after 57 U.S. tomahawk cruise missiles were launched, another air strike hit the city that is the main target of the feud, Khan Sheikhoun.

Speculation centers around the Assad regime, but many believe Russia to be involved as well. While it’s understandable to be disgusted by the horrible deeds of the Assad regime, one must stop to question the thought process of our current president. He has declared that we must put America first. He said the U.S. cannot afford to be the world’s police. He pushed the idea that Russia should deal with Syria, and, in turn, the U.S. should become friends with Russia.

Just Putin this out there, but I think he may have broken a few promises.

If he wanted to prevent children of God from suffering horrors, President Trump should start at home like the original plan stated, since –– I don’t know – isolationism is what he boasted about for so long on the campaign trail. The U.S. is planning on building a wall between ourselves and another country, so I’d say he wants to keep on the down-low as far as that’s concerned.

Let’s look to Flint, Michigan. Flint is still without clean water in parts of their town. So, the understanding is, we’re okay with letting children of God suffer without water, as long as we can pay for more military? It’s okay for citizens of our country to only have access to water with fecal matter residue in it, but it’s not okay for others to suffer (who, by the way, have been at war for years now. Why are we just now hearing about it? Because it’s on trend?)

Look back to January when President Trump signed an executive order keeping out refugees. These were the same people fleeing from the country we’re now bombing because of the atrocities being committed by the Assad regime. Why could the children of God suffer outside the U.S. border then, but now suddenly it’s different?

Overall, understanding the need to help others is overwhelming at times. I’d love to help my friends and family that identify in the LGBTQ community be included on the 2020 census, because they too are children of God, but unfortunately, I’m only one person. Instead, I get to watch as the U.S. sends missile strikes killing civilians. Not bad guys, but civilians. And, more than that, I get to stand by and know they were sent unapproved by Congress.

Say what you like about helping our fellow man, but until you can learn to say something truthful, don’t say anything at all.