SGA Minutes | Student leaders to attend ULS Day in Baton Rouge


ULS Day will be held April 19, and SGA members as well as other student leaders will travel to the Capitol to represent NSU.

SGA President John Pearce said he has a phone call scheduled with the UL System adviser concerning House Bill 152. The introduced bill will give powers to the schools to increase fees, etc. to offset cuts to funding by the state.

Elections for Speaker of the Senate were held and resulted in the appointment of Senator Jasmine Roberts to the position. In her speech, Roberts stressed that she wants to focus on cohesion and communication.

The Internal Affairs department introduced two bills, both of which passed in senate. SB.SP.2017-03 amends the SGA Bylaws to award $150 scholarships at the end of each semester for senators serving on SGA. SB.SP.2017-04 updates the system of office hours required for senators. Under the bill, SGA senators will be required to complete no less than three office hours per week, compared to the one hour required previously.

The new Student Media appointments were approved: KNWD General Manager Noah Baudoin, The Potpourri Editor-in-Chief Kierstin Richter, The Current Sauce Editor-in-Chief Alec Horton and Argus Editor-in-Chief Katie Rayburn.

Senator Thomas Celles discussed the bill that passed in New York that grants free tuition for students attending schools in the City of New York and State of New York Systems; this aids those students and families with annual incomes up to $125,000.