SAB President-Elect named for 2017-2018


Incoming SAB President Brayln James Photo by Jordan Reich

While Tre Nelson and Trey Roberts were elected uncontested as the Student Government Association president and vice president, respectively, the Student Activities Board elected members to their executive board for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Bralyn James, a junior hospitality management & tourism major, was named president-elect by the RSO. James previously served as SAB President for the fall 2016 semester but stepped down from the position to fulfill academic requirements when she changed her major.

James was first elected to SAB in fall 2014 and has served as a representative-at-large, public relations chair and vice president.

“It’s really an honor to be trusted to lead such a major organization,” James said. “The hard work that I put in is really paying off now.”

Graduate assistant Damian Glover is the current SAB President, assuming the role after James resigned. Yonna Pasch, director of student activities and organizations, said Glover helped to make the spring semester a “transitional” one where SAB could make necessary changes in its structure.

SAB decreased the number of positions on its executive board from seven to four so the board could focus on the organization itself. The organization now operates in three tiers: the executive board, the event directors and event coordinators.

“We will be able to run the organization more effectively than we have in the past,” Pasch said. “We have more open committees with this new structure… [and] we want a variety of students.”

“[Under the new Bylaws, SAB is now] more cohesive. We can work together better to plan events for the students, by the students,” James said.

Students are able to join the open committees without serving as voting members of SAB; these include events such as Homecoming, Halloween, Spring Fling and Lady of the Bracelet.

Those interested in volunteering for SAB can attend the open weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in the Cane River Room of the Student Union.

Other members elected to the SAB executive board for 2017-2018 include Le’Kayla Smith as Vice President, Lydia Doucet as Business Manager and Jhalon Thomas as Public Relations & Advertising.

Event coordinators elected from the student body were Amyris Anderson, Emily Bencosme, Emily Benoit, Kennedy Cullen, Jada Dudley, Jacob Guidry, Bailey Hargrove, Albert Hewitt, Abby Hinds, Brea Housley, Qualantre Jackson and Maya Porter.