REVIEW | Reynier Llanes, ‘Marble Trace’



“Marble Trace,” an exhibit of works by Cuban-American artist Reynier Llanes, is on display in Orville J. Hanchey Gallery until May 19.

Reynier Llanes’ exhibit, “Marble Trace,” is a magnificent collection of oil and watercolor paintings. I was blown away by the realism the paintings brought while showing a unique style and story.

My personal favorite piece in Llanes’ exhibit is called “Where did you Grow Up?” This large-scale oil painting depicts a man holding a microphone up to a tomato plant. I enjoyed the humor in asking a tomato where it grew up and the amount of detail put into the painting. I found myself wanting to stare at each painting for hours and enjoyed seeing small-scale watercolor expressions of the larger oil paintings. I had the delight of speaking with the artist; he described his passion for creating works that show the human figure telling an interesting story in unique poses. I am still amazed I had the honor to witness these exciting paintings!