Letter from the Editor


Photo credit: Sarah Hill

This issue contains just a taste of what you can expect from your student newspaper every Wednesday throughout the school year: NSU and local news, arts, sports, student profiles, entertaining features, opinions and, occasionally, satire.

Our mission is to get facts out to the NSU community without bias and give students a platform where their opinions can be expressed. It takes a lot of courage to put your name on something thousands of people will read; I hope many of you find this courage within yourselves during your time at school here.

As a news source, it is our responsibility to publish fair and accurate information regardless of who or what looks good or bad as a result. Therefore, whenever we publish information that may make NSU look bad, please know we’re doing it for the greater good of this university.

Despite what some may say about our paper, we have no political agenda as an organization. Some of our critics say we have a liberal bias, but this is simply not true; if you ever notice our opinion section having a tendency to contain more liberal viewpoints than conservative, it is because we receive very few conservative opinion submissions. Instead of complaining that we are a “liberal paper,” please do something about it and write to us. All opinions of substance are valid regardless of political leanings.

Students can submit opinion articles at any time to [email protected], but this does not guarantee your article will be published. Opinions must be well researched and well defended, make a clear argument for any particular viewpoint, contain zero factual errors and be relevant to our target audience: NSU students.

Lastly, know that we always welcome contributors. There is always more work we can do as an organization, such as writing more articles, taking more photos, enhancing our social media content, reaching out to NSU’s satellite campuses or planning events that increase students’ engagement with our newspaper.

If you want to join the 102-year tradition of The Current Sauce, I encourage you to email me at [email protected], and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.