Freshman Connection introduces new students

Contributing Writer

Annual Freshman Connection activities are quickly approaching with the first event of the summer taking place May 25-26. These orientation sessions give new Demons the opportunity to learn more about Northwestern State and many different aspects of student life.

This year, there are four sessions: May 25-26, June 1-2, June 22-23 and July 11.

Each student is assigned a team for the event’s duration beforehand and stay in those groups throughout the experience. Older students of the university inspired to give back to campus by teaching new students lead the teams in pairs as Freshman Connectors.

Teams are usually associated with colors and spiced up by the creativity of the Connectors; team names in the past have included “Teal-osaurus Rex” and the “Black Squad.”

Freshman Connector Madysen Watts is looking forward to meeting the new students and, along with her partner, came up with the name “Yee Yee Yellow” for her team.

“I’m looking forward to helping students ease their anxiety about college by having fun and making NSU their home,” Watts said. “I hope the freshmen become comfortable with our campus and make friendships that last for the rest of their lives.”

Students can tour buildings on campus, take placement tests to help select classes for the upcoming semester, meet with advisors to register for courses and stay overnight in the campus dorms.

During the first day, freshmen can also tour booths set up by NSU’s student organizations.

Student media organizations such as KNWD, the campus radio station, will be present during the organizational browse. If a student is interested in Greek life, they can find a booth corresponding to his or her desires, or even approach athletic organizations such as the rowing team.

Booths are also available for students with scholarly ambitions; NSU is home to organizations like the speech and debate team and music-affiliated groups such as Tau Beta Sigma, the band service sorority. Every booth provides information on their organization, and most will have something for students to slip into their backpacks along the way.

Freshman Connection was created with its future Demons in mind to help them learn more about the university they’ve chosen to attend. Afterwards, each freshman should feel even more comfortable saying “Fork ’em, Demons!” loud and proud.