Bright lights, big scoreboard


Turpin Stadium receives $900K scoreboard

The 2017 football season is about to get a lot brighter with the addition of a new scoreboard at Turpin Stadium, financed through private donations and contingency funds.

The previous scoreboard was part of a $2.2 million-dollar project in 2008 that upgraded all scoreboards on NSU’s campus. Turpin’s new scoreboard cost $900,000, and a majority of the funding came from Demon fans and alumni.

This is not the only facelift the football stadium has received recently. In 2016, a $500,000 donation funded renovations to replace old stadium seats with brand new, NSU-purple seats.

A nonaffiliated company will operate the board, which is a common occurrence in Division I sports. This company’s experience operating these boards will allow fans to experience all the bells and whistles the scoreboard has to offer, including more advanced video capabilities than the previous one and the ability for referees to make more accurate calls based on video recaps.

“This project is especially important for our football program as it relates to recruiting, image and game atmosphere,” Director of Athletics Greg Burke said.

As the Demon football players put in work on the practice field, they are excited to see the new additions to their home game surroundings. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than a roaring crowd and a scoreboard visible from miles away.

Senior quarterback J.D. Almond said the new features will add to the Turpin atmosphere and “definitely bring excitement on game day.”

“A lot of recruits come to the home games and [will] see the pride we have in our program,” he said.

Assistant Director of Athletics Doug Ireland said this was just one of many updates for the athletic facilities in the near future. Though enhancements are currently in the development phase, the changes will benefit all sports programs.

The facility enhancement campaign will target outdated training facilities that have not been updated since the 1970s, as well as other athletic improvements.

“These upgrades will boost community support and impact University perception,” Ireland said.

Just like the scoreboard, any future renovations to the athletic facilities will be funded through private donations whether it be alumni or Demon sports fans.

The 2017 football season will be here before you can say “fork ’em,” and with the reveal of the new scoreboard, staff, fans and football players are hyped and ready to win.