Everything is Fine | The Eyes of Argus

Everything is Fine | The Eyes of Argus

Declare – Argus 2007

We’ll wait until tomorrow
To really make that call.
We’ll wait until it’s way too late
To give a shit at all.

Welcome to the dream of dreams:
There is nothing here to fear.
Just use, reuse, and then abuse–
It’s OK, you’re in the clear.

You’ll never see the horror
Of all color turned to grey.
It’s none of your concern now, see,
But your kids will have to pay.

So just jump into your SUVs,
And drive into the sun.
“Don’t look at me,” I know you’ll say,
“I’m not the only one.”

“Don’t hate me for the way I think.
I’m only one small mind.”
The problem is– you see, kind sir–
There are millions of your kind.