Chamber of Commerce offers student membership


Students aged 18-21 now are able to join the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce for a reduced rate. $35 purchases a one-year membership and gives students all the benefits of a full-priced membership.

Benefits include invites to Chamber events, steeply discounted rates for paid events and access to a network of local professionals and decision makers.

Maggie Harris, director of membership experience for the Chamber, is a full-time student at NSU and believes this reduced-cost membership will encourage students to develop professional networks in Natchitoches.

“There are students who are serious about wanting to jump-start their careers, and this new initiative will give students the chance to build their professional networks,” she said.

Associate Professor Dr. Carmella Parker advocated for the creation of this new membership level.

“It is our hope that our business students will develop meaningful professional relationships that can assist them in preparing for the real world,” Parker said.

For students who are over the age of 21, the Chamber offers another program called Natchitoches Young Professionals. This is a community of professionals aged 21-40 in the Natchitoches area who gather for networking opportunities.

An advertisement was circulated to all business students encouraging them to take advantage of this opportunity to build their resume and contacts. Harris said no students have committed to the $35 membership yet, but the Chamber has received inquiries.

For students interested in joining either Natchitoches Young Professionals or the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce, email m[email protected] or simply visit