REVIEW | Kesha’s ‘Rainbow’


Opinion Columnist

Five years after her release of “Warrior,” Kesha released a powerhouse of an album, “Rainbow,” which, as the name suggests, explores providential outcomes of the stormiest of situations and champions resilience in the face of adversity.

A reaction to Kesha’s personal turmoil, “Rainbow” is unapologetic and genuine, bold and confident. With tracks like “Finding You,” “Hunt You Down” and “Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You),” Kesha infuses her familiar tone with country-inspired lyrics and themes that will urge even the most country-averse to consider purchasing a pair of boots.

Other tracks such as “Let ‘Em Talk” and “Woman” feel in-your-face, authentic and fun. “Rainbow” is an album that begs to be played over and over, and its diversity of sounds provides content for everyone.

The album contains the track “Godzilla” for enthusiasts of transparent metaphors and gentle acoustic guitar, while the tracks “Praying” and “Learn To Let Go” demand listeners to sing-scream along in their cars and showers.

Notable Tracks: “Praying,” “Learn To Let Go,” “Boots” and “Hymn” are absolute bops.