REVIEW | ‘Knack’ sequel is a hit


A video game like “Knack 2” has no real reason to exist.

The first “Knack” game was a PS4 launch title that was a mediocre platformer and de-emphasized jumps. This game was also very boring; you go from section to section using three punches and a kick to defeat enemies until the game is over.

It only gained attention and infamy over the past few years due to a running joke by YouTube user videogamedunkey, who called it a “masterpiece of video gaming.”

This game is no joke, however. While many gamers such as myself joke about the conception of “Knack 2,” I cannot deny the step up in quality for it. It’s surprisingly a good game.

As a sequel, “Knack 2” delivers on what a continuation should be. The creators had the basis down from the original game that was unfortunately too rushed, took it and improved the game from there.

“Knack 2” has more of a focus in variety – something the first game really lacked. Each level and chapter has a new ability and mechanic introduced and keeps the pace going at a constant rate.

Along with a focus on combat, there’s a balance with puzzle solving and using Knack’s forms and abilities to progress. They added the ability to change Knack’s size with a push of a button, resulting in a lot of smart puzzles in combinations of the new forms Knack has.

New to the table is Ice and Metal Knack, the former having Wolverine-esque claws and able to freeze enemies and the latter having more effective combat options and used as an electricity conductor in a few levels.

Co-op is also integrated much better in “Knack 2”; a second player can press start and drop in and out of the game without interruption.

I tried paying attention to the story of “Knack 2,” but it was mostly just background noise to me. It did, however, lead from Knack and the crew travel to various locales each chapter to fight goblins and robots.

I must admit, when you constantly keep collecting relics to see Knack grow from 2 to 20 feet, it feels rewarding. The game gave me a feeling of childlike wonder and fun that not a lot of games accomplish today. It’s like the video game equivalent of using your giant LEGO figure to knock down buildings and hit smaller figures.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun playing “Knack 2.” I was genuinely shocked at how good it was and how much I would turn on my PS4 just to play.

If you have a friend or little sibling who would enjoy action platformers, I recommend picking this one up. However, if you are just playing it for jokes, I’d recommend getting it at a small price reduction, but you do get a lot of content on offer for the price tag.

As much as I don’t like saying it, “Knack” is back, baby.