Student responds to ‘your privacy’ drug testing opinion

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by an NSU student in response to an article that said students should not be drug tested in most circumstances.

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While it is your privacy to do what you want in your free time, you are still on campus where we have rules to follow.

And yes, I remember D.A.R.E. training in school. There is a small percent of us who are probably more than willing to admit they remember and actually care that they are here for our education.

Every week, the police have reports of drug violations. Instead of spending $34 million on a building that we don’t know who will use yet, let’s hire some extra police to patrol and clean up the problems on campus, including drugs and alcohol.

Have more shuttles for walking students throughout the day. Keep the drug testing to suspected problem students and athletes. If a student is worried about their privacy, maybe they need to leave campus and attend school from the privacy of their own home.

You will always have to follow rules, but there will always be someone who has to test the system.