Theatre to debut ‘Stars’ Wednesday


Photo credit: Jasmine Johnson

With the stage set, songs rehearsed, costumes made and performers ready to show off their talent, NSU Theatre presents its first production of the semester, “Stars of Tomorrow.”

Instead of a traditional musical similar to those performed in years past, “Stars of Tomorrow” will feature 12 students, each performing a song from a different musical showcasing their talent.

After the audition process in April 2017, each student selected for the production chose three dream roles; from those, director Dr. Corey Trahan built the show.

“I picked people who I felt could hold their own on stage, meaning we have everybody from seniors to sophomores,” he said. “Whenever they get on stage, you can’t take your eyes off of them.”

The show contains a mixture of older songs, contemporary songs, vocals and dancing split into solos, duets and group numbers. Additionally, it will be one of the few times theatre students will perform with a live band – also student comprised – as a way of collaborating between disciplines.

Trahan said the public should be aware that this show is not a known musical; it is a new concept. However, the repertoire will be recognizable, and there will be something for everyone, including selections from musicals such as “A Chorus Line,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Little Shop of Horrors” and “West Side Story.”

Theatre major Dwight Robinette said his experience with “Stars of Tomorrow” has been different from previous musicals because the focus is on the student rather than the character.

“We’re able to create what we want to do,” he said. “There’s no lead or ensemble. We’re all the lead, and we’re all the ensemble.”

The cast is smaller than a typical production, which led to a greater sense of camaraderie between the performers.

Since the show is so focused on individual pieces rather than an overarching story, it has been a fairly quick process, according to senior Addison Hinson.

“We started literally the day we got back, and we’ve just hit the ground running,” he said.

He went on to express that this musical was very enjoyable to work on due to the musical selection and how flexible their rehearsal schedule was. The production style allowed students to rehearse in blocks and focus on each song rather than telling a story from beginning to end.

The show also doubles as a recruitment method since it will tour to promote interest in the musical theatre program.

“Stars of Tomorrow” will open Sept. 27 and run until Oct. 1 in Theatre West. More information is available at