Power outage strikes Natchitoches again

As if someone had flipped a switch, Northwestern States’s lights were shut off leaving students in the dark Nov. 2.

Charles Brossette, department head for utilities in Natchitoches, said the outage was caused by a vine. The dead vine was wet from rain, and wind blew it into a transformer box, causing the power outage.

The outage affected a large portion of Natchitoches. Along with NSU’s campus, the bypass, Interstate 49 and other areas of west Natchitoches were affected. Power was restored after approximately 30 minutes.

In many campus buildings, students were stuck in the dark. Sophomore psychology major Mia Adams was stuck in Vic’s during the power outage because she could not pay for her food.

“I feel like with the situation given, the problem was handled well,” she said. “If it would have gone on for much longer, it would have been a bigger problem.”

Freshman natural science major Alexis Trosclair was relieved she was not in an elevator when the power went out.

“I was safe in my chair in class [when the power went out],” she said.

Trosclair’s class was canceled along with another handful of classes.

Junior criminal justice major Cierra Evans was on her way to her Spanish class when the power went out. Like Trosclair, her teacher dismissed class, saying there was nothing that could be done with no power.

“We can’t do anything; technology is down,” Evans said. Her Spanish class was canceled after the teacher checked homework.

Students navigated the halls of Kyser using cell phone flashlights due to the large number of emergency lights not working. It was noticed some stairwells in Kyser were completely dark.

On NSU’s grounds website, they recommend students keep flashlights in case of power outage, and students should await instructions from a physical plant employee or University Police.

Students with questions concerning emergency procedures should contact the grounds departments at 318-357-6197.