What am I doing with my life?


You know when you walk up to the cash register and the cashier, as customary, asks you how you’re doing? Without missing a beat, I usually reply with “I’m good. How are you?” just to be polite.

But a while back I was at the grocery store at around midnight, was asked the customary question and had to stop myself from spitting out, “Well, since you’re asking… I’m avoiding all assignments for classes like the plague. My room is like a messy maze, and I think I might just crumble to the ground right now.”

Notice I mentioned I was shopping at the grocery store at around midnight? Who even needs sleep in college?

It’s funny, because as an incoming freshman, I thought things were going to be easy my first semester. As a matter of fact, things were easy – until all of a sudden they just weren’t.

I was using my planner ritually, writing down every assignment and event like my life depended on it. I went to every class and I even had just enough time to grab a bite to eat for lunch in between classes. I was acing all my tests like it was nothing. Life seemed easy.

And now here I am.

I haven’t written in my planner in weeks. I ran out of DB like a month ago. I have at least three tests that I need to study for and goodness knows how many assignments I have to do. Plus, now I have a job. So where’s any free time to have friends or even sometimes eat?

As a senior in high school, people would ask what I wanted to do with my life, and I’d tell them I wanted to be a psychology major once I was in college. So naturally the question to follow has always been, “What’re you doing with your life?”

And yeah, while I’m a psychology major planning on obtaining a Ph.D. and having my own private practice, my response to that question is a little different now.

Now I say that I’m going to attempt to eat while studying for three different tests and wait on my laundry to get out of the wash. After that, I plan to clean my room and do a few assignments. But if we’re being honest, I’ll probably really be catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.

When it comes down to it, what I’m really doing with my life is slowly crumbling away like a cookie in milk and procrastinating.

But hey, that’s college, right?