New banking partner, regulations call for new IDs

Lines at the OneCard student ID office stretched out the door at the start of the weather-delayed spring semester. Student employees worked nonstop to replace ID cards quickly, as a change in banking partners called for a logo change, and signatures must be printed on the card to comply with new state regulations.

Students will notice a design change on their new IDs with NSU’s flaming pitchfork logo. They should also see a new bank emblem: Bank of Montgomery. After MidSouth Bank canceled its contract with NSU, Montgomery was the successful bidder for the new contract, according to Jennifer Kelly, assistant to the provost.

What they shouldn’t notice is any change in ID functionality. Cards can still be swiped for meal plan use, book vouchers, WRAC entrance, athletic events and any other purposes for which they were used before.

There is no cost to obtain a new ID if students bring their old ones to the OneCard office on the Student Services Center third floor. If you have lost your card, $20 will buy a new one.

At this time, the old cards should still work, but students should anticipate a cutoff date toward the end of February, Kelly said. Updates will be sent via Student Messenger, as will reminders to replace old ID cards.