Judging | The Eyes of Argus

Judging | The Eyes of Argus

Argus 1989

I walked down the street and saw three people serving the Lord.
The first served the Lord with song-
And the Lord smiled.
I did not like his voice.

The second served the Lord with words-
Again the Lord smiled.
I had a problem with his method of speech.

The third served the Lord with actions-
The Lord smiled.
I thought his actions were too drastic.

Then the Lord looked down on me and said,
“Just how do you serve me?”

I thought for a while and smiled
when I came up with an answer
I knew the Lord would like.
I said, “I serve You in prayer.”

Then the Lord looked down and said,
“I never heard you.
Besides, I do not like your voice
and your words are too drastic.”