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New year, same Party Girl


My new year’s resolution was to cut back on the partying and exert my energy elsewhere. Hit the gym more. Get into a stable, adult relationship. Your typical “new year, new me” changes.

Well… We all know how resolutions go. And mine went down the drain with my sobriety.

That two-day week due to the snowstorm really cleared my schedule, so what better way to keep busy than to attend all the impromptu parties thrown?

Snow days? More like hoe days!

The only people who like to party nonstop more than me are your good ole Frat Bros™ – you know, when they aren’t busy dealing with their own intra-fraternal issues (Remember #racistKappaSigma?). They’re a very reliable source of fun, but not a very reliable source for a stable relationship.

Not the best choice for my new year’s resolution, I know, but I still rolled up with my girls to a back to school party.

When we walked in, the house was packed tighter than the elevator in Kyser. You couldn’t turn without hitting someone and spilling a drink, which probably explains why the floor was so sticky.

I was very pleased to quickly be shown where the open bar was. I mean, they were accepting tips, but it’s not like I could even afford the daiquiri I got before the party.

For the first hour, it was like any other typical frat party: music so loud you could barely think and guys trying to get with any girl who will give them the time of day. Nothing new from last semester.

I was just trying to embrace the free alcohol and mass of girls trying to impress the guy across the room who was more worried about winning his game of beer pong when the fire alarm went off.

Have you ever seen a sea of drunk people trying to shove their asses out of one door?

Me either, because I don’t really remember this happening! I was lucky enough to get dragged away by my friends before more s— hit the fan.

I do, however, remember waking up the next morning in bed with someone I barely knew and a blurry recollection of how I got there… Probably not the best thing, but it happens.

Now that I’m swamped with more assignments and quizzes than shots I can handle before blacking out, it’s time for this party girl to take a break and get her life together.

Until we meet again,

– Party Girl

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