Agrivashun! | The Eyes of Argus

Agrivashun! | The Eyes of Argus

Argus 1979

I hat peepel hoo jeast kant spel,
Who putt a tee ensted of a ell,
End tri end sown the werd out.

I hat peepel hoo jest kant rite,
Hoo strugel and strugel wit al thar mite,
To rite won singel werd.

To tri end desyfer skribels and skrawls
Will driv me rite own up the wals
Kriing end puling my hayr out!


Whin I sea al thoze mispeled werds
End brochen konjunkshuns and misuzed vurbs,
I thenk, “Egad, how gud thay wud bee
If onley thay wud have lerned frum me!”