CAPA to present ‘The Five Senses’

The School of Creative and Performing Arts will present its spring dance concert titled “The Five Senses” Feb. 22-24 and March 1-3. As its name suggests, the production will explore the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

Faculty members and choreographers Kirstin Riehl, Cher Anabo, Brett Garfinkle and Rebecca Morgan, are all producing routines focusing on a different sense.

Assistant Professor of Dance Cher Anabo’s routine will focus on touch, which she says resonates with her because of its importance in her Filipino culture. Although unable to give away too many details, Anabo describes the show as eclectic and innovative.

“I’m excited to see how the different styles of dance like pointe and tap come together on stage,” she said. “We’re experimenting with new mediums like chalk for an experience that merges the visual and performing arts.”

The show will be held in Theatre West, which Anabo says will make for a more intimate, up-close environment due to the smaller space.

“This is new for many of us who are used to performing in bigger spaces, but I think it will work to our benefit,” Anabo said. “For the audience, it will feel almost like they’re part of the show.”

Cast members include Jayzen Boger, Luther Brooks, Maci Burt, Vilma Castro, Alphonse Engram, Skilynn Fontenot, Lee Garrett, Elaina Guerrero, Laura Guzman, Thomas Hadzeriga, Adele Hebert, Katherine Langlois, Dwight Robinette, Asher Van Meter, Jourdan Waddell and Taylor Young.

Except for the matinee showing, Feb. 25 at 2 p.m., all showings are at 7:30 p.m. As with most NSU events, current students are admitted free with a valid ID and sticker. A full CAPA calendar can be found online.

“This is a production that I think everyone can enjoy because they’re able to see, feel and hear up close, a show that is different from past NSU productions,” Anabo said. “Come see the show, and support the arts.”