SGA Minutes | Senators discuss student concerns


The Northwestern State Student Government Association cabinet emphasized the importance of discussing student issues at the March 19 meeting. Senators were asked to present any concerns they are aware of.

President Tre Nelson announced that SGA will visit NSU’s satellite campuses to talk with their respective administrations, and more importantly, the students. Senators will visit Alexandria April 18 and Leesville April 25. Student Activities Board members will also attend and host crawfish boils at each campus.

“I was able to visit Leesville last year and the students had some legitimate concerns that we were able to address,” Nelson said.

He also started discussion about replacing water fountains in buildings on campus with newer models that have the overhead stream of water to fill up water bottles. He asked senators for building suggestions; among those mentioned were Morrison Hall, Russell Hall and the Human Health and Performance building.

The senate deliberated about parking lot signage on campus and difficulties with getting the signs put up. One senator suggested that parking stickers for next year have more visible colors indicating whether they are a student living on campus, commuter, or a faculty or staff member to match the colors on the new signs.