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Student leadership: A tale of 2 Jacobs


For the 2018-2019 school year Northwestern State University has seen a huge rise in student leaders. I feel very lucky to be under the leadership of two close friends of mine. Jacob Ellis and Jacob Bennett are both upperclassman and are two of the most open guys that I have met on this campus.

There is no doubt in my mind that the students are in good hands this year. Jacob Ellis is Student Government Association

President for this year while Jacob Bennett is the Current Sauce’s Editor-in-Chief. Both execute their power well and are incredible student leaders. They put their full power into something that they support and always have the students’ interest in mind.

What I admire about Jacob Ellis is that he is not who you think he is. Jacob may be in an elevated position, but he sees himself as a regular college student just trying to graduate. He doesn’t think of himself as a “higher-up” or that he is better than anyone. Jacob Ellis is also always ready to listen. It doesn’t matter who he meets, he has this ability to understand and connect with anyone.

Jacob Bennett is someone I am so proud to know. The way he can argue both sides of a point is one of the many reasons why I think he is great at his job. He is outspoken, ambitious and considerate. He never wants anyone to feel restricted and has a very realistic approach to the world which sometimes gets on my nerves, but always leaves me thinking.

This is what being a student leader means to me. Students are the heart, body and soul of our college campus. Being a student leader is not someone who is popular, rich, or in Greek life. A student leader is well-known, hard-working and dedicated to making the student experience the best it can be. Becoming a student leader is not easy—ask anyone going through Freshman Connection or managing a social event for their organization. There are months of planning, numerous interviews and endless faculty members asking for deadlines.

If anyone wants to become a student leader I think they should go for it. Join a club and get involved. Work your way up into becoming the leader or person you were always meant to be. It is a hard journey, but a rewarding one.

Both Bennett and Ellis are fine examples of student leaders because they work tirelessly to make sure that everyone they work with is on track and not overloaded. I hope that every student on this campus gets the chance to see what they have done this year.

Photo by Trinity Velazquez.

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