Why is our student section low on students?

By Mekayla Jenkins.

College is different from high school in a lot of ways. From a freshman’s point of view, I think some things ought to stay the same. Everyone at my high school went to the football, volleyball and basketball games. They sat in the student sections and went hard for their sake of their team.

Here at Northwestern State University, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly student leaders, sororities and fraternities are the ones who go to the games, stand at the fence in the student section and stay after half-time when the Demons are down a couple points.

This football season I blame the weather for one reason fans left during the home games. I bet you’re thinking, “What does it matter that I leave?” It matters, especially to student athletes, who sacrifice time, energy and social lives to represent us.

Most athletes don’t play for themselves but for the university and community. Some may play just for the scholarship, but, after the McNeese football game, I know the Demons have nothing but heart and love for the game and their school.

There is no better feeling than knowing there are people out there who want you to win. As students, we are supposed to support our team.

I sat in the student section Saturday night with a few friends, and I looked over to see the opponents’ fans sitting right beside us. I always wondered, I know I’m not the only one, but “Why is the student section on the visiting side?”

I’ve asked around and the only answer I get is that it’s always been that way. I guess it’s to intimidate the other team, but us just sitting and only cheering when we do something right isn’t intimidating honestly.

When you look at the home side from the visitor side, it looks sad. The cheerleaders are cheering to 20 people in that one section.

But imagine if the student section was there on the home side. Cheerleaders could lead chants, throw free NSU merch and our football team could have an interactive crowd to turn to and pump up beside their teammates on the sideline and coaches.

Moving the student section would go a long way towards building team spirit in the Inferno. This is your team. Go out there and cheer them on!