In defense of Colin Kaepernick


By Jasmine Frazier.

Sports are what make our world go around. It is crazy because a good football game can really bring the best out of people. Unfortunately, a player standing up for what they believe in can also bring the worst out of people. It’s crazy how something as simple as taking a knee can set the clock on racism back almost 100 years and show that athletes are mules for entertainment.

Most sports team’s players are predominately African American. This is something that our ancestors could have never imagined but the times have changed while people really haven’t.

Every time you turn on your TV to ESPN or purchase a ticket to your favorite team’s game, you’re paying for the experience to see who is going to win or who is going to lose. The one thing you unknowingly take away from these athletes is the right for them to have free speech.

Everyone loves someone until they find out what they believe in. The world went into complete chaos when Collin Kapernick decided to take a knee a silent protest for the African American individuals that aren’t able to have a voice. How can people who can’t bear to see equality for all people take something so positive in as negativity?

The world has not changed one bit: Slavery has been substituted with sports and the shackles are their fans. America enslaves athletes for their personal amusement. When will athletes be able to have a voice? This is supposed to be the home of the brave and the land of the free; it’s starting to feel like this is the home of slaves and the land of shame.