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How to dress when depressed


Mary Gaffney 

Fashion Columnist 

Look, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve laid in bed, not wanting to move or think, much less go to class in a cute outfit. The idea of throwing on leggings, an oversized shirt and sneakers enters my mind, but I stop.

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be an exhausting activity. It should be done with excitement and a fresh mind, ready to try new things. Breaking out of the fashion bubble really helps to get my mind moving and ready for the day. So when I’m getting bored of the usual mom jeans, sweaters and Doc Martens, I bust out a dress.

Dresses are known to be worn during fancy occasions or when you want to impress someone, but outfits with dresses are honestly the easiest outfits to put together. There are so many ways to wear a dress, so get cracking!

It depends on the day, but I love mixing it up and throwing on a sundress. Those summer colors and prints on colder, darker days honestly just cheer me up. I am definitely affected by the lovely seasonal depression, and wearing those brighter colors helps me realize that there is summer at the end of this lonely and frigid winter that will not go away.

Because it’s so cold out, I do need to layer up with my summer dresses so I don’t become a popsicle. I do that in a number of ways, and the opportunities are pretty much limitless.

I love to throw tights, socks and a turtleneck underneath my dress to keep a nice tight layer of warmth sealed in. Getting the colors to all match and having your dress stand out really help amp up the outfit.

With turtlenecks, shirts or sweaters, you can wear your dress as a skirt and tie the shirt in the front to give it that nice field day in middle school call back. I also love to make my shirts look like their cropped by tying it in the back, tucking in the excess of the shirt and hiding the little flap.

Tucking your dress into jeans or a skirt also can change the whole look of the outfit. It can change the whole vibe of the dress, and you’ll feel extremely accomplished by wiggling your dress into jeans without creating lumps of fabric. It helps downplay the dress and make it look like a shirt, creating a new favorite wardrobe piece in your closet.

With a skirt, it can create a polished look that seems effortless and stylish. Just find colors and patterns that can mix and match, no matter how crazy it could look. With pattern come new ideas and looks.

Dressing down a dress is an easy way of getting the best use out of your closet. Simply take a dress that you love and instead of pairing it with heels and a purse, try it on with sturdy boots or sneakers to bring the look down. Small details in the accessories can help downplay a dress, like a simple choker and earrings to bring a little flare to your dressed-down dress.

Wearing dresses doesn’t have to be a hassle or for special events. Dresses can truly make you look put together instantly, so go on Demons and go play dress-up!

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