Opinion: Animal Crossing is the light of this pandemic


Brianna Fife 

Photo Editor 

We’re in a dark time. Only essential workers are out, and students and many others are at home until further notice. 

There’s a pandemic happening out there, and we’re not allowed to hang out in groups. If we see other people, we have to stay six feet apart from each other. No shaking hands, no fist bumps, no elbow bumps. No physical contact. 

This time can cause extreme anxiety and depression for people as they have to stay inside. 

Luckily during this time Nintendo released a video game called “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on March 20. My best friend and I stayed up until midnight to play the game. We were so excited.  

This game is what we needed during this tough time. There are people stuck inside with no human interaction, and playing this cute game gives them something to do and a cute island to maintain. 

A good way the game keeps you occupied is one of the characters named Tom Nook who makes you pay off loans from buying and expanding your house in the game. 

What I personally enjoy about the game the most is being able to choose which villagers can live on your island and how much you can customize your island. 

I have spent around 65 hours or more playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” because of how good it is and because it distracts me from the real world and how scary it is right now. 

To those that are anxious about the current times, I understand. I hope you find something to take your mind off the current pandemic and state of the world.