Falling into Fall


Mary Gaffney 

Fashion Columnist 

It’s windy and I have become a pumpkin. It has been fall for a week or two and now it is finally feeling like the season I’ve been pining after. Now it’s time to “Christian Girl Autumn.” I’m talking about sweaters, boots, scarves and boots but without the infinity scarves or outdated fashion.  

Fall is a time to stay out in the sun and enjoy the early mornings. Fall is a time to drink hot coffee and sit around bon fires (safely). It’s also a time plagued by basic outfits. Look, I like basic. It’s a nice way to fall back on a style that’s comfortable and safe. 

But basic fall is exactly what it is: boring and basic. It’s the same sweater, jeans, boots and infinity scarves. Let’s get deeper into fall and discover new ways that we can be festive and cozy.  

There are ways to make the sweater, jeans and boots look work and not be bulky. Try a sweater with a funky neckline. I love the square neckline. Add wide leg pants and a belt to define your waist. Add boots with texture to keep your look fashionable. Pair your look with any jewelry or accessories that you like.  

If you’re over the sweater, jeans and boots look, don’t worry. There are so many ways you can wear the best fall fit. It all starts with layering. I’ve seen layering for days and honestly it can get kind of boring. The coat over the knit dress and knee-high boots. It can be overdone. Try layering a turtleneck underneath a midi dress, pairing it with boots and see how different your layering look will be.  

Layering isn’t all you can do to make new fall outfits. Try looking into new silhouettes, playing with layering a chunky sweater over a short skirt. Add stockings or tall socks and chunky boots. You can also play with the level of elegance by adding pumps and pearl jewelry. Playing with new styles can help you define the one that you are overall in love with.  

Get a ripped sweater and jeans, add platform boots and silver jewelry. Chokers can also help any look turn into a style. These looks can elevate your fall festivities and mood. After all fall is here and coming for us whether we are ready or not.