Keeping comfortable and fashionable on campus


Kevin Thomas

Wearing a long sleeve button-up with light-weighted shorts is an example of a balanced outfit.

As the new semester begins, whether you’re heading to the Friedman Student Union for lunch at Vic’s or to the Wellness, Recreation, Activity Center, every student on campus may have a difficult time trying to discover the perfect outfit to wear.

Or, if you take classes in Kyser Hall like me, it can be quite challenging to dress how you want when you never know where the temperature is going to settle. With fluctuating temperatures all over campus, dressing comfortably is a priority. Following your favorite fashion trends may be difficult when trying to dress for campus buildings.

The best phrase I’ve found to live by for the hottest summer of our lifetime is “balance is key.” Having a balanced outfit is an easy way for you to stay cool yet cute. Balancing your outfit not only keeps you from feeling too hot while you walk to class, but also from feeling too cold once you’re in your lecture.

The concept behind balancing your outfit is simple; if you wear pants, balance it with a cute short sleeve shirt. Alternatively, you could wear a pair of shorts and that sweater that’s been in your closet since November.

If you are really in the mood to wear those comfy pants you practically live in nowadays, you might want to consider balancing it out with your favorite graphic T-shirt.

On the other hand, if you have been waiting to wear that new hoodie, pair it with some light weighted shorts or even a skirt to help you stay cool. The opportunities are limited only to your imagination and creativity is the key to keeping you safe from the heat!

Another way to stay stylish is to spunk up your outfit with some cute accessories. Funky jewelry is something that is very in right now. Spice up your outfit with chunky earrings, necklaces or brightly colored rings.

Right now, one of my favorite accessory trends that really needs to stay in are bandana head wraps. Bandanas are such a cute way to add a pop of color to your outfit, and can help keep the sun off your head. Win-win!

But, the best accessory anyone can add to their outfits is self-confidence. For me, I often find it difficult to find shirts that fit my arms but I do not let that bring me down.

If I do feel uncomfortable with what I am wearing, I do one of the following things: I choose to cover my arms with light-weighted button-ups, or I tell myself that no matter what I look great.

Reminding yourself that you are rocking your outfit is the best addition to any summer outfit, and if you are turning heads while walking down Kyser brick way you must be doing something right.

Fashion is a very wide spectrum, so no one person is going to have the same style. Be you and wear what you want to wear without feeling judged. Before you walk out the door, tell yourself you look great because no outfit is complete without self-confidence and self-love.

Staying comfortable and fashionable can prove to be a challenge in the summer heat, but balancing your outfit is a quick and easy phrase that can save you hours of mulling over the clothes in your closet.