Student fashion: Andrea Moutons’ fashion eleganza


Andrea Moutons

Andrea Moutons showing off an outfit that she says best captures her style.

Andrea Mouton, a sophomore musical theater major at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, is making her mark on this campus with her bold fashion statements. You may have seen her around campus before strutting to class or in Iberville Dining Hall. If you have, she was definitely rocking a killer fit.

Mouton’s interest in fashion really began to set in at the young age of six, with her influences being from the cast of “Shake it Up,” “That’s so Raven” and “Friends.”

“‘Shake it Up’ for me was a really big eye-opener because I loved the clash of patterns on the clothing and how wild they looked,” Mouton said.

As she has grown up her style influences have stayed the same. She still looks up to Zendaya. For her, Zendaya has been very influential to her style because Zendaya is not afraid to step outside of society’s norms when it comes to women wearing “mens’ fashion.”

“I love the way Zendaya is able to express her feminine and also her masculine side with her style, by rocking a dress at one award show and then rocking a suit the next week,” Mouton said.

To achieve her stylish looks, Mouton has some favorite stores that she shops to meet her fashion fantasies. Stores like Goodwill Industries, small thrift markets and even the online retailer SHEIN help her meet the style that she is looking for, without breaking the bank.

However, shopping for her style in shoes has been a different story.

“I never really had an interest or care for the shoes I wore until I met my girlfriend. She got me more interested in sneakers and expanded my knowledge of cute shoes, so I thank her for that,” Mouton said.

Mouton’s newfound interest in shoes led her to discovering Demonias, her new favorite style.

After talking to her for a while she described her style, saying that it would be described as “crazy, colorful and out there.” For her, she loves to accessorize all her outfits with cute, eccentric pieces to help make her feel more confident. Her favorite accessories are earrings. Something she describes as definitely her number one go-to.

“For me wild earrings are always included in my outfits to help make my outfit pop,” Mouton said.

Although she may come off super confident, she says it has not always been.
Self-confidence for her took a while to gain. It came and developed from her enjoying putting together outfits, to even how her style looks on her now.

Mouton said, “It was a big game changer for people to like my style and appreciate what I was doing.”

Finally, Mouton has a few tips she would like everyone to know if they are wanting to expand their style.

“If you want to do something weird to the world, screw it and do it one-thousand percent. If you enjoy it, who cares,” Mouton said.