Your guide to avoiding fashion mistakes


Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas showcasing an easy way to wear a striped pattern shirt without overwhelming your outfit.

Over the years, I have made some big mistakes when it comes to what to wear. To stop everyone else from undergoing the same fashion emergencies, I’m going to supply some simple yet helpful outfit tips.

Shoes are always the most important part of an outfit. To me, they are the true glue of a look, as they have the ability to make or break what you are wearing. When piecing together an outfit always start with the shoes you are wearing. Knowing your shoes first will allow you to see what is going to match that look or what best resembles that style.

Shoes can also be the statement of the outfit.

Do you have a pair of eccentric shoes that you have just been dying to wear? Don’t be shy, wear them. Just make sure the outfit is dulled down so people passing by get a good look at your shoes.

Patterns are another great way to make an outfit stand out but you have to be careful. Patterns can be powerful and could create chaos if not properly worn.

First off, no outfit should have more than one pattern, it just becomes distracting and overwhelming. A patterned shirt can be a delightful touch to a boring outfit but if you pair it with a different pattern of pants you have created a disaster.

Bright colors have the same rules as patterns with the exception that sometimes bright colors can complement each other to help bring a look alive.

Fashion tips are helpful because they can help elevate and establish your personal style. But not all tips need to be taken into account simply because fashion is a spectrum and you should wear what you want to wear.

If you choose to disregard these tips, that is okay because everyone is going to be different when it comes to style.

After all, that’s the whole point of fashion.