Walk-On’s announces NIL partnership with NSU’s Gavin Landry


Gary Hardomon

Gavin Landry, wide receiver for Northwestern State University of Louisiana, breaks through tackles and edges a first down against the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Walk-On’s announced its partnership with Gavin Landry, a walk-on football player turned scholarship leader at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

This is part of Walk-On’s “Walk-On of the Week” program, which awards Name, Image and Likeness deals to walk-on collegiate athletes across the country.

Name, Image and Likeness, NIL for short, grants student athletes the ability to use their name, image and likeness for compensation while enrolled in a postsecondary education.

“We created this program to highlight the real magic of sports, the underdog,” said Brandon Landry, Founder and CEO of Walk-On’s. “Walk-on athletes endure the same grueling workouts as the scholarship players, and in many cases work jobs to help pay for school. With NIL changing the landscape of collegiate athletics, we want to make sure that walk-ons aren’t left out and receive the recognition and support they deserve. We’re grateful to tell their stories and welcome them to our Family of Athletes.”

Gavin Landry, a five-foot seven-inch fifth-year wide receiver for the Demons, is nothing short of a true walk-on to scholarship collegiate athlete, being a dynamic player both on and off the field. Landry has shown his excellence this fall 2021 football season by wearing No. 0, along with Demon linebacker Jomard Valsin, as a tribute to the leadership they both bring to the team.

But Gavin wasn’t eager for a check outside of his scholarship right away.

“I kinda told myself I wasn’t really going to get involved in it, and if it came to me, I might entertain the thought,” Gavin Landry said, when asked about taking an NIL deal. “To have a company like Walk-On’s, I thought it was a great opportunity, especially with being able to get my story out there.”

Whether it’s a kid that needs a little bit of hope and intakes them, Gavin says you just never know who will hear your story and the motivation you can give with it.

“Hopefully I can make an impact,” said Landry.

Landry brought his dreams of being a leader to life and took control of every opportunity. Landry went from overcoming heart surgery in high school, filming his highlights, being on the scout team at NSU, getting a scholarship to be a starter on special teams, falling back from his ACL tear, to now being voted team captain.

“I think it’s a credit to him and I think his story is going to reach out and affect somebody else,” said Brad Laird, head coach for NSU football.

Laird, now on his fifth season with the Demons, has seen Landry grow into a different beast than when he arrived at NSU. Even while the Demons went 1-10 in his first year, Gavin was determined to make his mark on a team that knows him for putting his best foot forward.

“I think his journey is inspiring,” said Laird. “He went from being a walk-on to contributing on special teams to now contributing offensively. He prevailed not only from his walk-on journey, but coming back from an ACL injury, being out and coming back to be productive on the field.”

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