Long live Virgil Abloh


Photo by Katrina Wittkamp, courtesy MCA Chicago

Virgil Abloh Chief executive officer of Off-White and fashion designer.

On Nov. 28, 2021 a fashion icon, designer, father and husband, Virgil Abloh, passed away leaving the world of fashion without one of the greatest minds ever to step into the industry.

Virgil Abloh was an American fashion designer who brought many pieces and iconic moments to the world. He was known as the chief executive officer of Off-White and even as a partnered designer of Louis Vuitton Malletier.

To highlight his life and thank him for the amazing things Virgil Alboh has created, I want to share some iconic pieces and creations that he has blessed the fashion world with.

As he was a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology he was able to bring us the amazing creations from Off-White.

His items such as the Industrial yellow Off-White Belt that was a statement piece back in 2019. This piece was a part of so many people’s lives, with its ability to be worn anyway, such as around the waist, neck or even strapped around the body.

The belt became such a classic and iconic piece that it wore itself out of fashion because of how often it was worn. Along with this Off-White piece, Virgil even partnered with Nike to create the beloved Nike x Off-White “The Ten” Jordan 1’s.

These sneakers with their iconic red zip tie and deconstructed look created a whole new perspective on shoes and had people going crazy over them.

In 2019, Virgil become a designer with Louis Vuitton and was able to create one of the most popular bags to ever be released by Louis Vuitton next to their classic Speedy Bag. They partnered together to create Holographic Duffel Bag.

This bag would become such a well-known bag and even a staple piece to many. Its iconic glow and change in color from side to side, and clear chain hardware attached to the bag created such an iconic piece.

Virgil was a creative designer and brought ideas and items to the world of fashion and made sure that he left his mark.

To show their love and admiration for Virgil, Louis Vuitton hosted a fashion show in Miami on Nov. 30 to showcase the last collection that he worked on, the Spring and Summer 2022 collection. This show was a way to say one last goodbye and say thank you to him and his genius creative mind.