Gala brings you to the North Pole


Elizabeth Guy

The NSU costume shop is working hard to create costumes for the Christmas Gala.

“I’m excited for the theme this year. I think it will be a lot of fun,” said sophomore dance major Jillian Duggan, preparing for her second year involved in the annual Christmas Gala.

Robert Cardwell, assistant professor of music, has decided to take on his first year as director of Gala with a traditional theme: Santa’s workshop.

Those who attend will see Santa and his elves preparing everything on Christmas Eve.

“The elves decide that they want to show off their toys to Santa and so they have a little bit of a competition over who built the best toy,” Cardwell said.

As the show goes on, Santa and Mrs. Claus will explore the true meaning of Christmas before the crew sees Santa leave to deliver gifts to all the children of the world.

“I think Santa’s workshop will be a fun spin and it will be cute and fun to see all the toys and elves come to life,” said Phoenix Woods, a musical theater sophomore. This will be Woods’ second year involved as well, and she cannot wait to perform in Gala again.

“It’s Christmas so we’re keeping it upbeat, a lot of singing and dancing and just merriment on stage,” Cardwell said. “One of the interesting things with Gala is that they tend to use a lot of the same acts year to year just because members of the community expect them and they’ve grown to love certain things.”

Those who have watched the show year after year will be excited to know that the toy soldiers will be making a reappearance this year, as well as the ballerinas, portraying different sorts of dolls.

“It’s a really stressful week but it’s so fun and worth it in the end and it’s beautiful to see it all become a show,” said Woods, who will play one of the toy soldiers this year along with other parts. “It’s fun for everyone to enjoy to get into the Christmas spirit this time of year.”

This year, Gala will be a jolly and joyous experience.

“For anyone who hasn’t witnessed Christmas Gala before, expect a very wholesome experience. You will definitely be leaving in the Christmas spirit and with a smile on your face!” Duggan, who will be playing a ballerina doll and dancing in two other numbers, said.

For those who cannot wait to go see this all in person, there will be 4 shows open to the general public for just 15$ for general admission. These will take place Nov. 30, and Dec. 1 and Dec. 2 at 7 p.m., with the fourth show at 9 p.m. on the Dec. 2. All shows will take place in A.A. Frederick’s Fine Arts Center, along with 5 additional showings for different schools in the area.