SGA Minutes | Shreveport student body president elected, leadership conference approaching


NSU’s Shreveport campus elected a new student body president, Haley Neal.

Meet Your Senator Day will be held Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. at Watson Library and Café Demon in coordination with the Office of First Year Experience’s Macchiatos & Music event.

SGA will host Leadership NSU on Jan. 27-28, including motivational speakers.

Acting President Dr. Maggio was asked by President John Pearce to make an appearance at the meeting, speaking for a few minutes about his experience and goals for NSU. “Communicate, collaborate, celebrate,” Maggio said. “I want to listen, I want to hear… but I want to help bring ideas too.”

Maggio discussed the recent internet and wifi issues at University Columns, stating that he will be meeting in person with the president of Campus Living Villages (CLV) Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 10 a.m.

Vice President Tre Nelson discussed the Organizational Relief Fund (ORF), explaining that if organizations are looking for funding, they can visit the SGA Orgsync page for information about ORF.

Treasurer Alyssa Jacobs reported on the organizational grant fund that was passed through the fiscal department. The grant fund was expanded to 10-15 thousand dollars, and the money now comes out of the ORF account instead of the SGA account. Organizations, especially smaller ones, can apply for the grant.