SGA Minutes | Rosemary Nyirumbe to speak, tax informational event in talks


SGA discussed the upcoming speaker on Feb. 15, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe. The event is in Magale Recital Hall at 7 p.m.

SGA Vice President Tre Nelson announced that Director of Athletics Greg Burke will attend the next meeting to talk about athletics and encourages students to ask any tough, hard-hitting questions they have.

Senator of Academic Affairs Tyler Wright said that the Academic Success Center will partner with SGA to host an informational event for students about taxes. The event does not have a set date, but is planned to take place in late February or early March.

SGA appointed six new senators to office: Bailey Pierce, Angelo Hurtado, Cherish Wilson, Alexander Stewart, Jacob Hammons and Justin Guillory. Stewart said he joined SGA because he wanted to get involved and “be a part of something else” in addition to being a part of the ROTC program and Sigma Nu.

Senator Ragan Aple reported that SAB is hosting Casino Night on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in the student union ballroom. Additionally, Spring Fling and DemonFest will be held together on April 21. It will be an all-day event, and crawfish will be served.