Letter from the editor

The Current Sauce Editorial Board has noticed a lack of representation from different student groups in our newsroom. We are going to change that, but we need your help.

First and foremost, The Current Sauce is a paper by the students, for the students. We may report stories every week, but it is you who drives the conversation.

After all, this is your paper, and part of your student fees are allocated for student media. We challenge you to take ownership, simply by telling us your story ideas, offering your input and letting us know when you think we get it wrong.

One of the complaints we’ve received is a lack of a conservative perspective in our opinions section. The Current Sauce is not a liberal paper, nor does it side with any other platform or agenda. We have limited content as our opinions articles are written by staff reporters with their own individual opinions and submissions from NSU students.

We encourage you to submit to us at [email protected]. We accept submissions from all ideologies and political viewpoints. All we ask is that you write clearly and thoughtfully.